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Terms and conditions

Driving Licence Requirement:

Your driving licence should be shown to your driving instructor in advance or at the start of your first driving lesson. It is advisable to carry your licence with you on all your driving lessons.

You must provide proof of your entitlement to drive and declare and penalty points or disqualifications and agree to share your driving licence information with your driving instructor via one of the approved licence information sharing methods.

You will immediately notify your instructor of there are any changes to your circumstances your entitlement to drive during your driving lessons whether that be due to penalty points or any physical changes that require the DVLA notification.


While driving the vehicle you are subject to the same rules and regulations as all other drivers in addition to the supervision restrictions and additional rules that apply if you are a provisional licence holder. This means that you are liable for any fines or other penalties that arise as a result of your driving.

Chris Knibbs Driving School expects you to follow the advice given by your instructor at all times and reserves the right to terminate a lesson without compensation if it is deemed to be in the interests of both you own and the public safety.

When attending driving lessons, you must be legally fit to drive. Your instructor may refuse to either carry out the lesson or continue with the lesson if they are suspicious of your state of health. Your instructor reserves the right to charge for any lessons terminated in the interest of your own public safety.

Reasons for termination can include, but are not limited to :-

Excessive tiredness

Over the legal alcol limit or affected by alcol

Affected by drugs, both legal and illegal - including prescription drugs and over counter medicines

Affected by illness that may adversely affect concentration to control


If you need to cancel a driving lesson, a minimum of 48 hours notice is required. Failure to provide such notice will require the lesson to be paid in full.

Under normal circumstances your driving instructor will start and finish the lesson on time although due to particular circumstances such as bad weather or traffic delays your instructor my be late or need to postpone the lesson. If your driving lesson starts late, a reduced fee for the lesson will be asked for or, if amicable for both yourself and instructor, the lesson can run over it´s allotted time. If your driving instructor cannot attend the lesson, then it can be reschedule and the lesson has been pre-paid, then a full refund will be given.

If you are late for a lesson the instructor will not be liable for the time lost and the full lesson fee will apply.


All lessons will start and finish at the same location unless agreed advance by your instructor.

Depending on the lesson start/finish points the instructor might need to drive the vehicle to and from a suitable location for practise to ensure both your safety and the safety of public; any travelling time in this regard forms part of the lesson and will be used for active discussion and instruction relevant to the lesson.


Tuition vehicles provided by Chris Knibbs Driving School fully insured for the purpose of driving training, taxed and fitted with dual controls. They are modern, well maintained and roadworthy vehicles.

Tuition may be available in you own vehicle at the instructor´s discretion. Before lessons can be given in your own vehicle you must provide written evidence from your insurance provider stating that the vehicle is fully insured while you are being supervised by a professional instructor. Your vehicle must be fully roadworthy and compliant with all legal requirements for use on public roads.


Chris Knibbs Driving School with your consent will need to hold certain information about you i.e Name, Address, contact details like Mobile number, Email Address and Licence details.

Any information supplied by you is held to be confidential and will not be shared with any third party without your express consent.

The information you provide will only be used to contact you and for driving records.

All details on yourself will be deleted once you no longer need driving lessons off Chris Knibbs Driving School e.g. you have passed you driving test.

If for any reason you stop having lessons with Chris Knibbs Driving School and do not inform us of your situation and have not had lesson within 1 month of your last lesson all information supplied by yourself will be deleted from our records.


All lessons must be pre-paid in advance NO payment made means NO future lesson booked, you need to pay at least one lesson in advance e.g you want to book up your next lesson in car so a payment will be made then for that lesson, NO payment NO future lesson booked

Payment can be made by cash or cheque.

Payments for block-bookings must be made at the start of each block.

Payments for Pass-Plus must be paid in full before beginning the course.


If you cancel a pass plus course, which is pre-paid, a refund will be given on the remaining hours. (for example):A Pass Plus course is 6 hours; you take 2 hours then cancel (subject to cancellation notice) you´ll be refunded 4 hours minus £10 administration fee.

Refunds are paid by cheque only.


Lesson prices may be increased at any time . You will be given a minimum of four weeks notice of any price changes.

Lessons that are pre-paid will remain unaffected by lesson price changes for a period of six months - if pre-paid lessons are not used within six months of payment period the account balance will be credited towards lessons at the current standard price.


Your instructor will advise you when you are ready to take your practical driving test.

If you book a test appointment without prior consultation with your instructor the provision of a car for test cannot be guaranteed.

Your instructor reserves the right to refuse the use of the tuition vehicle for the driving test if he or she believes that you represent and danger to public safety.

Most test bookings will require a minimum two hour lesson to allow for travel to the test centre, the test period and the journey me. The length and cost of the booking on the test day will determined by the time of the test and the test centre location.

Your instructor cannot be held responsible for test appointments cancelled by the DVSA due to bad weather, sickness, staff srtages or other reasons. Such cancellations are beyond the control of your instructor and therefore any fees for booked period will be charged. Your instructor will advise about claiming compensation from the DVSA.


Your instructor agrees to abide by the conditions of the Professional Code of Conduct. In the unlikely event of complaint or dispute the guidelines of the Code of Conduct will be adhered to.


These conditions do not affect any protection a pupil has under consumer legislation.

We reserve the right to change or alter any terms and conditions witout notice, but will endeavour to inform pupils of any changes as soon as possible.

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