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Pics and comments from our past clients.

Passed on 15th January 2019
"I'd like to say a big thanks to Chris for helping me pass first time. I thoroughly enjoyed the lessons as he's such a great instructor with loads of knowledge and tips. Can't recommend him enough as he's easy to get along with and goes way out of his...

Passed on 10 October 2018
I would highly recommend Chris he was lovely, professional and patient! As someone who suffers with anxiety, I found Chris brilliant and calm which made me feel relaxed and comfortable! Thanks so much Chris

Passed on 12 September 2018
"Would definitely recommend Chris. he's very patient, knowledgable and easy to get along with.
Thanks to Chris I was able to pass on my first attempt! He teaches you not only to pass but how to feel safe and comfortable on the road"

Passed 0n 4 September 2018
"Would highly recommend Chris made me feel at ease and was great at teaching me to drive.

Thank you Chris for helping me pass 1st Time!!"

Passed on 14 August 2018
"Chris was an excellent Instructor, had a great time learning with him and it would have to be said that I really appreciated the effort he went to. Very patient and calm guidance allowed me to get comfortable driving a car and progress.


Passed on 30 May 2018
"A big thank you to Chris - passed my test first time, woohoo!! Had a couple of bad lessons closer to the test but Chris’ patience and understanding got me back on track. Thanks Chris, best driving instructor I’ve ever had!"

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