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Our Guarantees

Guaranteed Punctuality:

In our busy world we recognise that your time is important. That´s why we guarantee to start and finish all of your lessons on time. If we are ever more than 5 minutes late witut prior notice, we won´t charge you for your lesson.

Guaranteed Calm & patient approach:

For some people the thought of learning to drive might be a little stressful - this is why we guarantee that I will remain calm and patient at all times making your learning experience enjoyable and stress free.

Guaranteed Safety:

We are passionate about improving road safety and as part of that we guarantee to provide a safe learning environment in our fully insured dual-controlled cars.

Guaranteed Support:

Whichever level of service you choose from us you will get our guaranteed support to help you to learn safely and pass the test.

Guaranteed Confidentiality:

We recognise that your learning is private and personal to you. We guarantee never to dicuss your progress with anyone else - nor will we ever share your personal information with any other company without your permission.

Guaranteed NO car Sharing:

We are 100% dedicated to YOU, we will never share your lessons with anyone else in the car - Guaranteed one to one training.

Guaranteed Full Lesson Time:

Guaranteed that you will always get the full lesson time that you pay for!.

90 Minutes Lessson
Night Time Driving Lesson
Motorway Driving Lesson
12 Hour Block Booking

Get on the road to your licence with Chris Knibbs Driving School
Chris Knibbs Driving
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