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Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the most frequently asked questions.

Are you a qualified instructor?

Yes. In order to conduct driving lessons on a professional basis, all instructors must be registered with the DVSA.

Some schools use ´PDI´s (practising driving instructors). These are registered instructors but who have not yet passed the final part of their instructors test. These will display a pink triangular sticker in the car window.

I am a fully qualified instructor and as such, display a green, hexagonal sticker in the car.

How many lessons will I need?

There are many factors that determine how many lessons you will end up needing. Age, gender, attitude, personality and the ability to practise when not in lessons all contribute.

Once you have had a few lessons, we will be better able to judge this for you.

Is it correct you can help me with my Theory Test?

YES, all of my clients get help with their Theory Test.

All clients have FREE access to a great online resource called Theory Test Pro which helps you prepare for and pass your Theory & Hazard Perception test.

What will happen on my 1st driving lesson with you?

It all depends on whether you are a beginner or have had some driving experience already.

I will arrange in advance to speak to you by phone to find out what level of support you will need and we will put a plan of action together.

Do I get a Progress Record Card?


On your 1st driving lesson you will receive a Pupil Progress Record Card to help you monitor your progress so far, what has been covered and what still needs to be covered.

Please make sure you bring with you on all your lessons so we can fill it in.

How will I know I´m ready to take my Driving Test?

We will keep track of your progress and discuss this with you as appropriate. We will let you know when we feel you are ready to start thinking about booking a test.

Will other pupils be in the car with me?


Unlike many schools, all our lessons are conducted on a one to one basis and you will not be sharing your lessons with other pupils.

Can I have more than 1 lesson a week?

Of course you can. The less time between lessons will help you learn quicker as you will need to spend less time acclimatising yourself to the car each time. Please call to discuss availability.

What car do you use?

I use a Ford Fiesta Titanium 1.0 ECOBOOST 125 BHP

How long are your lessons?

All lessons are for 90 minutes.

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