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Bonus Extras

FREE online training to access a time that fits for YOU

Accelerate your learning with Driver Active

FREE 90-day access to Driver Active, learn the theory behind the lessons making learning to drive even easier and saving you money, while getting you to that test PASS sooner!

Watch instructional videos

Watch in the comfort of your own me

Do the Theory at me then practise in the car

Test your knowledge with a subject QUIZ´S

Want to discover what you are getting with the Driver Active - just click on the Driver Active Logo above and this will take you to a FREE TIPS page

FREE Driver´s Pupil Progress Record Card to track your Progress

The Pupil Progress Record Card is designed for you to follow the recommended syllabus for learning to drive, all the competencies inside the Progress Card are essential for safe driving!

It is designed so that pupil and instructor can see what competencies have been covered, what area´s of improvements need to be made and to help you set individual GOALS for future lessons.

Track your progress with our custom card

Inside the Pupil Progress Card it uses a colour key for what has been covered and where you are at with competencies with a simple


Skill Introduced

Under Full Instruction


Seldom Prompted


Please bring the Pupil Progress Card along with you on all your lessons

1 Hour driving lesson
90 Minutes Lesson
2 Hour Driving Lesson
10 Hour Block Booking

Get on the road to your licence with Chris Knibbs Driving School
Chris Knibbs Driving
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You can test your theory knowledge by registering with our FREE online theory practice
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