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  • Driving lessons with Chris Knibbs Driving
  • Driving lessons with Chris Knibbs Driving
  • Driving lessons with Chris Knibbs Driving

Good Morning and welcome to Chris Knibbs Driving School

"Recommended by my cousins, very glad they recommended me aswell, he is an amazing instructor and a great person all in all. He teached me from scratch as I didnt know anything about cars, and he was very patient and kind with me. He helped me out a lot with my driving, and when i failed first time he took me out to show me what i had got wrong and...

Lucy Rodgers

Welcome to Chris Knibbs Driving School your 1st steps into getting your full driving licence and the freedom you need.

I am a fully trained Driving Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) instructor, trained in the latest teaching methods to insure that your driving is of the highest possible standard, which in turn will provide you with the best opportunity to pass your driving test at the 1st attempt.

I offer expert tuition and throughout my experience I have taught a wide range of students how to drive safely, from the terribly nervous to the more mature driver.

I will help you to recognise your strengths and weaknesses and show you the best way to accelerate your progress. All of our training is based on your individual needs and our main priority is to help you to become a safe and responsible driver as quickly and efficiently as possible.

As part of learning to drive with Chris Knibbs Driving School, you will also have FREE access to a great online resource called Theory Test Pro, which helps you prepare for and pass your Theory & Hazard Perception test.

Why choose me?

My aim is to have you driving and to help you Pass your driving test at the 1st attempt, that means no sitting at the side of the road talking but actually getting on with what you want to do DRIVE

I will tailor your lessons on how you learn best, are you a

• Visual Learner - Learn by watching others or seeing diagrams

• Aural Learner - Who learn by Listening

• Read/Write Learner - Like to have information written down or reading information

• Kinaesthetic Learner - Understand by given things a go

For you to be able to pass your driving test quickly and get on the road I will teach you the way you learn SAVING you time and money.

What you also get!

• Course Handouts: 40 FREE Handouts will help you learn quicker

• FREE Theory Perception Training to help you Pass 1st time

• NO car sharing - we are dedicated to you

• Full 1,1.5 or 2 hour lessons to ensure that you gain maximum value

• Driver´s LOG BOOK to keep a check on your progress

Bonus Value!!

• Pass Plus Courses to save money on your Insurance - I am a Pass Plus Instructor

• Motorway lessons for maximum safety and confidence after you Pass

1 Hour driving lesson
90 Minutes Lesson
2 Hour Driving Lesson
10 Hour Block Booking

Get on the road to your licence with Chris Knibbs Driving School
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